Easy After School Snack

 Easy After School Snack

I simply love, love baking. To sip a cup of tea, and  to flip over the pages of a good cook book is relaxing for me...
While juggling family life and household chores, I  love to cook, quick and simple recipes. but also have been experimenting with recipes which i come across books and magazines ...

This simple recipe which i am going to share with you today  is Lorraine Pascale's , "Salt and Pepper Big Fat Bread Sticks".

 Her recipes are really simple..nothing fancy ,anyone can do! I got this recipe from Lorraine's DVD- Baking Made Easy......

And I gave it a go, and served  for my kids as after school snack and they  loved these bread sticks.


Though my pics do not have the WOW factor, they tasted simply yum..

The recipe goes likes this...

Big Fat Salt and Pepper Bread Sticks

450g Plain flour
1 pkt yeast/ 1 tbsp yeast
1 1/2 tsp of salt
250ml  warm water (you might need a little bit extra)
Extra virgin olive oil for brushing
Salt and black pepper

Have all your ingredients in your  mixing bowl. Mix it with a spoon.  Use your electric mixer with dough hook/s and knead  for 5 minutes(by hand 10 for minutes), you can add the extra bit of water to bind it altogether if needed.

Once the dough is soft and smooth divide the dough in to 6 and then to 12. 

And roll into a long sausage shape....
To give a twisted effect run a knife down the center, to split the dough, leaving a bit at one end uncut.  Plait the two halves over each other . 

Arrange your sticks on a greased  baking tray. And cover them with cling wrap. 

Spray some olive oil on to the cling wrap, so the dough does not sick to the cling wrap when it rises.

Leave it for an hour or so to rise.

Pre-heat oven 200C

Brush  some olive oil on the sticks.
Sprinkle salt and black pepper.

Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes( cooking time may vary, depending on the oven).

I just  whipped up a simple dip to go with it ....

Yogurt and Mint Dip

1 cup of yogurt
Finely  chopped up mint leaves 
Chaat Masala( you can get it from any South Asian grocers)

Mix all above ingredients and serve...

 Do not forget to share your ideas and comments.
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