Back To School Project

Fold Up Homework Center

As our kids begin the new school year , they do with a sense of excitement and anticipation.

You can bring  back the study mood by setting up a back to school workstation!

Here is a back to school project you can do with your child,and he or she is going to love this.

This a great inexpensive project if you have a big sturdy cardboard box.

 If you have got more than one kid and they have to share a room, this fold up homework center is  great. Your child is going to love his own space  and can focus on his/her homework in a busy room.

This DIY cubicle is sure to make a fantastic study space for your kid .

Things you will need.

Large Cardboard box
Utility knife
Coloured duct tape or decorative tape
Extra long rubber bands
Binder clips

How to

1.Cut up a large box with a utility knife, removing the bottom, top and one long side.
Trim the height,
then cut the sides of the cubby creating a slopes for the sides.

2.Add finishing touches fora  neater look, using coloured duct tape decorative paper. I used  self adhesive book covering for the borders.

3.Attach rubber bands to run the height of the cubby, and clips and tacks to help organize notes,calendars,anchor charts, reminders and other items.

My kids love their new home work station!
Inspiration from Martha Stewart's "Crafts for Kids"

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