Early Learning- Part 4

Sensory Number  Fun With Playdough

Hello everyone.  Today  i am sharing an activity which i have been doing with my toddler  this week. 

Play dough is one thing I have been making for my kids for around five long years. What I love about play dough is that there is no age barrier to join in the creativity.

 I happened to discover this fabulous activity using play dough . Great sensory way for learning numbers and this activity promotes fine motor skills. yeah , I have made my older kids make numbers ,letters, spell their  names out of play dough.Now it's the little one's turn, we are back to basics. 

 Getting the dough into a long sausage shape and trying to trace the numeral   is  challenging for my toddler  right now ,therefore i made him little play dough balls and have him press it on the numeral template. Having him place the balls on the line was easy , this was great fun for him. Guess what? You are right , his little pal Thomas the Tank Engine was ready to ride on  this play dough numeral track!

To set up this activity you will need,

Some play dough( Click here for the playdough recipe)
A display book refill/pocket
A4 sheet 
Sticky tape

Write the number  on the A4 sheet and insert into   clear display pocket. Tape the  pocket onto your child's desk. Make little balls out play dough and have him press it on the line.

Try   playing with letters , sight words,   shapes , draw pictures of flowers , fish, tree and so on . Have your child trace with play dough balls/dots! 

Use different colours of play-dough and make  it colourful!
( though i keep making different colours of play-dough my toddler keeps mixing them all together)

Do have any fun way of learning numbers? I'd love to hear from you.

Have fun!

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