Where imagination begins.......

Hello everyone . I thought i should share the recipe for the Playdough. Every household(kids) should have playdough  all year around.  There is  no age limitation to enjoy this awesome sensory play, older kids and parents can join in the fun too. 
It's creative uses are endless! and helps your child use his imagination and promotes fine motor skills!. Toddlers would love to squish and poke it when you first introduce Playdough. But wait , watch how your child amazes you with his creativity.

Here's the good old recipe for playdough.

 Creative uses of play-dough.

1.Making pretend food.

2.Stamping .

3.Silly faces on paper plates.

4.Snipping Playdough with safety scissors.

5. Letter formation.

6. Number formation.

7.Older kids can  learn spell their names and practice words from their spelling list.. 

Getting bored with playdough...

Try adding glitter

Add few drops of essential oil

Have fun and watch your child play!

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