DIY Fridge Magnet Toothpick Dispenser

Perfect handmade gift idea for Mum

Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea

 Fridge magnet toothpick dispenser!

This  project was  inspired by a gift i received from a dear friend. it is so easy and fun to make.

What you will need,

Toothpicks in plastic containers
PVA glue (any basic glue would be fine)
Small magnets
Hot glue gun

 (You can pick all these from your  local Dollar Store)

Begin by emptying your toothpicks and  start working with the plastic container. Apply some glue on to the plastic container and wrap it with twine. 

Use a glue gun to fix the little piece of magnet.

And then, embellish your toothpick holder.I embellished mine with some Quilled paper flowers!

 Here's a qiuck  step by step guide to make your own qiulled paper embellishments ,

 1. Cut out paper strips using a paper-trimmer.
2. Use a toothpick or a quilling -tool to roll the paper.
3. I've rolled(Quilled) little purple grapes and  green leaves.

4. Embellish your dispenser using your quilled bits!

Your little cuties are ready to adorn your refrigerator or would make an awesome handmade gift!

Awesome way to 'upcycle' your toothpick dispenser! 

Thanks for stopping bye...

Peace Be Upon You. 

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