Balloon Painting With Cotton Tips

My son really enjoys painting. We have painted on all sorts of things;  paper , boxes egg cartons and so on.
 Here is an activity which develops fine motor skills . A creative way to enjoy painting on a 3D object.
I blew up few  balloons and got my son paint it with  cotton-tips /Q-tips.

 Painting with cotton-tips on a Balloon is a great way help little ones develop their fine motor skills and pencil grip!

Here's what you will need,

Some Balloons to blow up.
Some Paint
Cotton tips or Q-tips

Get ready for some mess....(protect your table and clothes)outdoors suit better. Here in Australia it's winter so we decided to stay indoors.

Blow some balloons and let your kid paint his/her balloons using Q-tips.

My son wanted use only blue...
 I was thinking that he was  going to go "spot, spot,spot..."as we have painted spotty pictures before...

But he surprised me by doodling  a  smiley face on the balloon...


 Try this inexpensive art lesson with your toddler or your kid  doodle patterns on balloons!

Happy painting!

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