Felt craft for girls

Hand Bags for Little Girls

This is an easy project to introduce sewing for your kids.

I did this with my girls, who were longing to learn how to use a needle. 

But most importantly they can not have enough of bags ...

This a great holiday project.

Felt is so easy to work with because it requires no hemming.

Things you will need:

A sheet of felt.

A beautiful  button

A dollar-store party bag necklace

Needle and thread

A pair of scissors

1.   Begin by sewing a  button on to the felt.




2. And then make a slit for the button hole,

3. Sew the sides

Help your child stitch the sides of the purse...If your child is big enough, you can teach her to "blanket stitch" the sides for a prettier look.

I found these shiny necklaces from my daughter's party bag!

4. Use some dollar store shiny necklaces as the straps for the purse.

Inexpensive dollar store supplies were used for this project!

Another stylish bag

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