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Waffle Recipe

Serves: 10


2 cups of self-raising flour2 eggs2 cups of milk2 tablespoons melted butter2 teaspoons of vanilla Pinch of salt2 tablespoons sugar Method: Combine all ingredients together in a mixing large bowl until batter is nice and smooth.Spoon the batter into a waffle maker.Cook until golden brown.To serve: Place sliced fruits of your choice on the waffle and drizzle with honey, chocolate sauce or sift with icing sugar.

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Keep Counting

Here is a list which I compiled how we could introduce numbers to our preschoolers.
Count fruits, in the kitchen, look how many apples or oranges in the fruit bowl. Count objects around the house such as toysGo on a number hunt, numbers on your mailbox, on your door, count the numbers on the remote control, on your keyboard... Count socks and put them in pairs.Look at the clock and the numbers. Bake number cookies.Cut numbers from newspapers and magazines and have your child glue them. and make a small book.Make numbers out of play-dough.Draw numbers on sensory bin which have been filled with grains or flour or foam.Cut out numbers out of sandpaper for sensory play. Play bottle cap number games Play fishing for numbersIntroduce numbers through nursery rhymes Stories with math conceptsLego math gamesPasta patterned necklaces Dice games Sandwich shapes, cookie shapes, fruit shapesFelt shape pictures.

Cookie Cutter Fun

Creative Ways of Using Cookie Cutters

Jello Fun

For the jello recipe and  how to do instruction check out my previous post "Jello Fun".

Pancake Fun: 
Pour pancake batter into cookie cutters and serve different shapes of pancakes. Make sure to cook them in a non-stick pan on a really low flame.

Sandwich fun:
Cut out shapes out of sandwiches to make your fairy bread sandwiches  fun and interesting. You could try making traffic-light sandwiches by cutting out three little circles!

Felt Fun:
You could use cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes for your art and craft projects:

Here are some other creative and interesting  you might like to test your cookie cutters.

Tart Fun: cut out shapes out of  pastry sheets and use them to top your tarts.

Vegetables/fruit Fun : cut out shapes out of fruits and veges and pop them in your kids' lunch boxes!

Cheese fun: Cut out different shapes out of cookie cutters and make your cheese platter interesting 

Egg Fun: place a heart shape cookie cutter on …

Math Websites We Love

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free to use website which caters all year levels. The website allows students to view  math video lessons delivered by the founder of KhanAcademy. Furthermore, the students develop and master their math skills by engaging in math quizes and tests. The advantage of this mode of learning is that it allows students to go back, pause and replay the videos until they grasp the strategies they need to follow. Moreover, Khan Academy is an ideal platform for adults to brush up their math skills.


Mathletics is a great platform  for students as it is visually appealing. The website allows students to learn math by providing  step by step instructions and examples of working out a problem.  The website has 'read aloud' button for struggling readers hence, catering all learners. The website includes games and activities for students have fun whilst learning. Moreover, the website offers resources for NAPLAN preparation for Australian students. Anot…

Buns with spicy filling

Savoury Buns

Dough :

1/2 cup Milk 1/2cup water 3 tbsp  unsalted butter 4 cups flour 2 1/2 tsp active dry yeast 3 tbsp sugar 3 eggs beaten 2 tsp salt
(1 egg  beaten with 2 tbsps water, for egg wash) sesame seeds(optional)

Instructions Prepare a warm water mixture: In a small saucepan, combine the milk, water, and butter. Warm over medium heat until butter is melted. Cool for about 5 minutes, or until the temperature is 120-130 degrees F. In a large bowl combine 2 cups of the flour, the yeast, sugar and salt. Add the warm water mixture, followed by the beaten eggs, (mixing on low speed if using an electric stand mixer fitted with a dough hook which makes the job pretty easier!). Add the remaining flour 2 tablespoons at a time (while mixing on medium-low speed until dough almost clears the bowl) and is only a slightly sticky to the touch (It's okay if some dough sticks to your fingers). You may not need all of the remaining flour, or you may need more than is called for. Knead until s…

Sticks and Shapes

Here's an activity which  can  help kids get excited about shapes!

 You will need  some plastic  straws or, toothpicks, matchsticks/crafts sticks. And then get your child create shapes and pictures out of them. This  activity could be  used with 7-year-olds and upwards.

  Through this activity,  children will learn how two or more geometrical shapes can be used together to form a new geometrical shape or design.

This activity helps children improve hand eye coordination and lays and a great foundation for mastering geometrical shapes.

Older children will be able to create 3D shapes. You could also extend this activity by having your children tessellate the geometrical shapes they create.

Well, this activity kept my children busy for a good hour or so.

Early Learning with Digital Technologies

Let's go hunting for shapes!

Hi everyone, here's an activity to help your  little ones with shape recognition!

Like most children, my son has mastered names of shapes and numbers through various resources,  but also  not to mention with various digital games and apps. So I went on to  help him recognise shapes in everday objects using the device he likes to use. 

Well, grab a Smart phone or  any other digital device and get your child hunt for various shapes. Once  you and your child start hunting for shapes together , your little one will recognise that shapes and patterns are all around us: on clocks, on his bicycle, his plate and so on . Thus, this activity will help children reinforce names of geometrical shapes and help visualise  existence of them in everyday objects.

You could also have the captured pictures printed out in order to make a "My Shapes Book" for your child to enjoy. You could also get your child trace over the shapes using the pictures.

In addition …