Paper Quiling on Canvas

    The art of quilling is a form of paper craft . Strips of paper are shaped by bending and curling the ends around a tool.Here is a colourful wall art I designed.

    Things you will need .....


     1, Quilling tool( available online or in craft stores)


    3. a pair scissors/paper trimmer

    4. toothpick( can be used instead of a quilli

    5. colored paper strips/ quilling paper

    6. some  craft glue

    7. a  medium/large sized canvas

    ·        If you do not have a  quilling tool,  you can use a toothpick, which still just helps you with basic quilling.

    1. Slip the paper strip into the slot on the tool.

    2.,3.Turn the the tool until the strip is rolledinto a firm cylinder, depending how tight you want your spiral shape.

    To form a heart shape  , fold a strip in half and crease it. Roll each end toward the center crease.


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