Canvas Wall Art With Step By Step Instructions

Sand Magic


This is a  surprisingly quick and easy, yet beautiful canvas wall art, anyone could do. I gifted this fantastic art work to a very special friend.

To get started you only need to grab a few things....though i have  used the similar technique in one of my previous wall art posts, in this post i am providing you with  detailed step by step photo instructions ,

You will need,

One medium sized plain canvas
Black and Red poster Paints
PVA glue
Some sand
A sieve
Fork, Spoon and a Knife

Begin by mixing equal amounts of paints, red and black.
  And get the canvas painted.

Next add  some PVA glue to the paint  and mix it well, and paint the final coat of paint.

Immediately, place cutlaries on the wet canvas, and dust with sand using a sieve.

Finally carefully lift the cutleries .

And let it dry completely.

Now, this surprisingly easy art work is ready to hang.

Canvas Wall Art made in a day! With Step by Step Instructions

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