Recyclable craft for little girls

Dancing Dolly on a Doily

This was an interesting craft,  which my daughter made using recyclable stuff in the pantry. This should be a great inexpensive holiday craft which you can do with your girls ..

What you need...

A plastic spoon
some black pipe cleaners
A pink Patty-Pan
some long strips of paper
A doily
A blank sheet
A hot  glue gun

 Begin by drawing  a smiley face for your dolly on the back of your plastic spoon . Use some  pipe cleaners to make the  hair, and the arms(If u can't find pipe cleaners around the house for curly hair, just roll paper strips around a pencil ) . The hot glue gun comes handy when it comes to fixing the hair on to the spoon.

Now for the tutu ,grab the patty-pan and insert the spoon in the center of the  patty-pan case .

Next for the springy legs use two  very long paper strips and we used strips of colored construction paper: two 1/2- by 11-inch ones for each leg, (if you don't have pipe cleaners for the arms, use two 1/4- by 11-inch strips of paper  for each arm).

 Help your child glue the ends of 2 strips together, forming a right angle .Then show your child how to alternately fold the strips over each other ,creating springy, accordionlike folds.


 When she reaches the ends of the strips, she can glue them together. Repeat for each  leg.With tape or a low-temperature glue gun (an adult's job), attach the completed limbs to the plastic spoon, . . Allow the glue to dry, and the dolly is ready to play. or you can rest her on a beautiful doily!

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