Lock Them In

My Love Affair With Zip-lock Bags.

These Zip Lock bags are so versatile ,and their uses are numerous.

We usually use them as snack bags. 

They are great because they are see- through, less fragile, can be labeled  , easy access and takes less space as it is less bulky!

 Thought  of sharing other ways of using zip-lock bags,

1. Collect your bills and receipts. You can protect them from moisture.

2.Sort your warranty cards, holiday brochures, photographs in zip lock bags.
 Be organized by  sorting and labeling them.

3.Great for storing puzzle pieces , playing cards,playdough or toys which always goes missing. Store items like nails and screws in your garage.

 4. Lock it in. store your  itsy- bitsy craft supplies and tools in zip-lock bags, you can see what is  in and what's not...And store your  unfinished craft projects in Ziplock bags and label them.

5.Make"Busy Bags" for making long journeys a breeze .
Pre-packed  activities ready to pull out and can get them started 
when kids come asking what to do, or for that time, "I am bored" .


6. Use  zip-lock bags for scavenger hunting.Great for scavenger hunting around beach side,so kids do not have to put up with soggy paper bags!.

7. Perfect to use  as a piping bag
Place your icing in a zip-lock bag and snip a small hole in the end of the bag close to the tip.use gentle even pressure to pipe.But remember to fold down the end of the bag few times to prevent the icing from oozing out.
 You can easily   flood the outlined cookies with icing using the zip lock plasick bag as well.

You can decorate "cookie monster" or  "Elmo" cupcakes using a zip-lock bag. Spoon your butter cream into a sturdy zip -lock bag and seal it really well .And then around one corner make lots of holes with a skewer. Generously cover you cupcake with blue/red swirls of butter cream.., to achieve that furry look.

8. These zip Lock bags are great for crumbing biscuits,crushing nuts for your cheese cakes and deserts. You can use your rolling pin to crush them.


9.Great to  marinate and store meat, without bowls and fingers to wash. Pour the marination in to the bag with your meat in .give it  a good shake until well coated. Label name and date. and in to the freezer or refrigerator it goes.

 10.. Make a "Paint Bag" . 

I got  this idea from Pinterest.You can make this really quickly. To make one, put some finger paint into a large sturdy zip lock  plastic bag. Seal it well and smooth paint around entire bag. To save some mess beforehand you could add a sticky tape across the opening . Now show your kid how to doodle with her finger or use a cotton swab to write with. Have fun.
Tip: Tape the Paint Bag on  to the table using some sticky tape, so it stays in place.

11.This is my favorite.  Make a "Wipe- Off  Tracing Bag".
The zip lock-bag can be used as a reusable "Wipe-Off" surface. It is easy for kids to trace letters,numbers and "dot to dots" and then wipe clean for another try using white board markers , wipe off markers or crayons!.

12. By punching holes you can use these zip lock bags  as sealed pockets in your  binding folder. so the contents stays in the pocket.

13. Snap Lock bags are for holding  wool while knitting. Let the strand of wool pass through the small opening!

14. When travelling pack your lotions and toiletries, and seal them . Saves your clothes from spills and thrills.!

15. Protect your passports airline tickets, boarding passes in Ziplock bags when traveling.

16.Pack your spices, medications labeled in Ziplock bags while camping or traveling! 

 17. Use well sealed Ziplock bags to make ice packs for esky  and lunch boxes or for first aid!

Get Bagging!!

Please dispose them  thoughtfully.

Thank you for dropping by..

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