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Great Websites For Mastering Math skills

 Today I am sharing a number of  awesome websites that help our children learn. I have got kids  aged 2,5,and 7. And I am constantly thinking how to give a great head start in their education and to jump those hurdles...

As mums we think or plan how best  we can  prepare our child for school? Or we worry that our child is not confident enough in certain areas in maths. Sometimes we are too busy with our work! 
When your child is doing well and you want her to learn something challenging or improve school grades, online learning makes it easy.

 You don't have to nag your child to use the computer or ipad, as you have to when it comes to school homework. 

They love their computers.

 Here are  some of my picks  of websites where your child can learn while having fun!


 A fantastic place to start online learning for beginners. Mathsees is great for kids aged 3 to 6. Easy navigation,  quality graphics and animations and kid friendly songs and games to go with. Parent friendly dashboard to track progress.

Help My Kid Learn



 This is a one good website ,with large varieties of lessons,and topics for kids aged from 0-12. Offers range of early learning resources . Really easy to navigate. Choosing activities according to age and skill level is a breeze.
Fantastic toddler videos, kids stories,arts and crafts, experiments,worksheets to enjoy in the website.

Turtle Diary

Turtle Diary

Turtle Diary website offers a great variety of fun and easy games from Pre K to Grade 3. Games based on numbers, shapes, sizes, directions and positions for young learners.  Older kids can practice multiplication, division,fraction , geometry  and many more. This website offers English and science games too.

IXL is a great place to practice math lessons with your kids. But kids can practice  limited small number of of lessons for free. Easy navigation for both kids and parents. available from Pre K to High School. Parents and kids can track progress. Great website to build confidence in math skills.  

This is my top pick, and it is a fun place to learn math while having fun playing great  games. They are all free to play. The website caters activities for kids aged 5+. Fantastic place to master basic math skills, through repetition. Kids learn to add, subtract,multiply ,divide mentally. Great place to build up speed.and parents are able to track progress!

My kids enjoy using these websites.

There are hundreds of great websites out there.Be sure to provide your findings and recommendations for websites and apps that help kids learn in the comments section below.
hope you found my recommendations useful. 

Thank you.

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