Cheerful Colours

 Pencil Station

This an easy craft project your kids can make using recyclables .

Using things you have at home, your kid can make his or her own

Pencil Station.


You will need,

  • Some Card board tubes/toilet rolls, and some little card board boxes

  • Gift wrapping paper

  • Glue

  • Lid of a sturdy shoe box. 

Begin by wrapping the card board tubes and the little boxes with gift wrapping paper. ( I cut the tubes and boxes in  different heights , to make space for short pencils! )

Using the shoe box lid as a base of the Station, glue the  decorated tubes and boxes on to the shoe box lid.

Allow the glue to dry completely. 

 Soon your stationeries will be in it's place.


* Pencil Sorting Station

Another way of making your Pencil Station is  to, colour code the tubes and boxes by painting them in different colours or wrapping them with colored paper, in that way, you can sort colour pencils and markers by colour.

A place for everything,  and everything in its place!

Enjoy crafting with your kiddo/s!!

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