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Rainbow  Pancakes

Hi everyone, seems like my pancake  love keeps growing. Today i am going to share another interesting way to make your pancakes. . RAINBOW PANCAKE!
 Rainbow pancake is really fun to make and this pancake is great when you want your pancake thicker. 

What you will need:
 Pan cake Mix 
Sauce dispenser/Squeezy bottle
Metal Cookie cutters (Heart shaped/butterfly shaped)
Pan Cake Pan /griddle
Food Colouring

Recipe for the pancake 
2 cups Self raising flour
2 tbsp  caster sugar(you can add more)
2 eggs
2 cups fresh milk
2 tbsp butter melted

I got my Crofton pancake pan from ALDI for a great price. ( ALDI is a discount supermarket). It is a really a great pan for the price i paid.

1. Begin by dividing your pancake batter into three sauce dispensers,  color the batter by adding food coloring into the sauce dispensers .

2. Set the pancake on the stove on low heat. 

3. Grease the Cookie cutter with butter. and place cookie cutter on the pan.

4. Now start pouring the batter into the cookie cutter, begin with the plain batter,then the pink and  finishing with the blue. (Spooning batter should work too)


At this stage you can swirl the colors using a toothpick to achieve a marble effect..

 Wait until the pancake starts to bubble all over... it takes some time...
 Carefully flip it over only  when it is nice and bubbly on top.

Cook the other side until it  gets cook through....

 Plate it up and let it rest and carefully slide the cookie cutter.

 If you think it is not cooked enough you can send it back to the pan and cook it a bit longer.

As for this thick pancake it is really important to get the texture right. Always remember to keep the heat of the pan really low and let the pan cake cook slowly. .take your time ....

Dust with icing sugar and serve with fruits and maple syrup. How about some mixed berries or with some chocolate sauce. Yum...

The texture of this pancake turned out amazingly beautiful. 

Love Heart Pancake

for that special breakfast....

 Butterfly Pancake

 Enjoy making pancakes !! I  sure did..

And thank you for stopping by!

Peace Be Upon You.

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