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I used to be kind of clumsy when it comes to gift wrapping. But now i found that with little bit of thought and effort, gift wrapping can be fun!!,

This is an ideal gift wrapping idea especially for ladies!

 Waste not want not.
 Look around your house..., your craft box and so on.... (i have been  hoarding  buttons, ribbons ,scraps of gift wrapping paper for reusing in my crafts or kids' collages) TRY being crafty with your wrapping, there are hundreds of ways to add personality to your gift.

 This gift wrapping idea is so easy and inexpensive. would cost you less than $5.

You will need

Just a dollar store wrapping paper
Paper doilies (You can use actual doily if you have got)
silk ribbon for extra detail.
 Sticky tape
Glue stick
a pair scissors

I love the look of white doily on the wrapping paper , which adds a feminine touch...

 Add a silk ribbon for extra detail....(try adding details using string ,buttons,tassels..)

Two different wrapping papers were used for this...

You are sure to have fun wrapping gifts..and I really did!!!

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