Hands On Maths-Early Learning 1

Playing With Numbers

Hands on activities are great way to teach your kids . Kids learn better while having fun. Here is a basic activity which i  have been with  with my toddler to help him learn the numbers.

You could try this with your toddler if you think he is ready to..mum knows  best.

I thought my little one is ready to go ahead as he was pointing at the number wall stickers in our  bedroom. And picture books from the library with math concepts, sparked his interest  with numbers. .

I used my collection of bottle cap numbers.... 
together we  play  matching numbers on his number book.

To make your own plastic milk caps or bottle caps ,you can use a permanent marker to write the numerals on the bottle caps or use some craft foam numbers which is widely available in dollar stores.

Have fun with this simple hands on activity if you think your child is ready!

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