Hands On Maths- Early Learning Part 2

Early Learning.....

A step step by step guide to have fun with numbers..

As a parent I know just how important it is to  help your child in their education.But  before they go on to enjoy deeper mathematics I used these simple Hands on Math activities at home with kids.

Plastic milk bottle caps are great to create  hands on activities....All you need is to collect some bottle caps and write the  numerals on each  bottle cap using a Sharpie. Or you can make it extra colorful with these craft foam numbers stuck on milk caps.

Practice placing  the numbers in correct order

Jumble the numbers and practice with your child arranging the numbers  in correct order. Try horizontally and then vertically. Increase the skill level as he masters.. 

Arrange the numbers in ascending and descending order.

 I used this little plate, just to place the missing number

Practice what comes before

 Practice what comes after

Help your child learn what comes beforeafter and between, or  play, "find the missing number" together!

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