Hands On Maths - Early Learning Part 3

Let's go fishing for numbers.

I made this fishing game for my son, and he really loved it.And we went fishing for numbers!
 I have tried this before with my girls when they were preschoolers. My girls learned  their sight words with this awesome fishing game which i found in the net .

  • Begin by making a fishing rod with a magnet at the end of it. Tie a string or wool to the end of a stick or  some pole,we used a paint brush as  the pole . Attach the magnet to the bottom using a hot glue gun .

  • Cut fish shapes out of  laminated coloured paper.  For this first print out some fish shapes on coloured sheets.

  • Attach paper clips or you could staple the fish using a Stapler. ( I think stapled fish would be much safer around kids).

  • Write the  numbers  on fish  and have your child fish for the number of the day. ( you can use a permanent marker,but by using a dry erase  white board marker you can reuse your fish for other learning games.

  •  Say you are learning number "2" today . Help  your child fish all the number 2's out of the pond!

  • We used a blue blanket as the pond .
This fishing game will help your child develop his hand-eye coordination while learning to identify numbers and colours.

You can be creative and try other  learning games to play

Write the alphabets on fish. Fish for the letter of the day. For instance go fishing for all  the letter 'a's.

Get your child fish for the colour you want her to learn . For instance " Let's go fishing for red fish today".

How about fishing for shapes, "Let's fish all the triangle fish" ,

Write the sight words you want your child to master and have your child fish for the words..

Always remember to supervise your kids , because of the magnet and small bits 
you may use!

Happy fishing!

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