Pink Party Tea Cups

Pretty in Pink

There will be smiles all round when you serve up these little cuties......
 This will be a perfect addition  for a pink party! I made these cuties for a ladies night out....

What you will need,

Homemade butter cookies
40 marshmallows
20 musk Lifesavers(or Polo) halved
Pink Icing
Chocolate ganache

 (find the recipes for the pink icing and chocolate ganche at the bottom of the page)

Coat one side of each biscuit with pink icing. Press a marshmallow  onto each biscuit. Using the remaining icing attach  a Lifesaver half to each marshmallow to form handle of teacups.

Pipe or spoon a small peak of chocolate ganache on top of each teacup.

Here are the recipes.....  

Pink icing:

Icing sugar 
Egg white
Squeeze lemon juice(optional)
Pink food colouring

Mix all ingredients i a bowl using an electric beater until smooth and you are done!

Chocolate ganache:

100g dark chocolate chopped
100ml cream
Melt chocolate and cream in a pan over a low heat. Let it cool, stiring often until mixture holds its shape when spooned.

Recipe adapted from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine!

Thanks for dropping by.....

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