Toddler Activity- Sorting by colour

Color Sorting Activity

I tried this activity with my toddler(2 1/2years old ) and he really enjoyed. It is really easy and inexpensive to set  up!

Here's how you set this up,

 What you will need,

 Brightly coloured  toy bits(you can find these around your house).  You could use pom- poms, Lego bricks, magnetic letters, little critters, tiny cars, buttons, pegs and so on .

A muffin/cupcake baking tray.

Have your toddler sort the bits of toys by colour!

For beginners , pick only two to three colours to start sorting with.
 And always be sure to monitor.

You could color  code the muffin tray using patty pans(muffin cases) or  by adding  dot stickers.

Set up a  sorting game by rolling a colour coded dice.
(you could make a color dice by adding dot stickrs on to a regular dice) 


1. Roll the colour coded  dice. 
2 .Help  fill the muffin tray by the color that your toddler rolls out.

There you go..
Have fun!

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