Sensory bin

 I have been setting up sensory bins for my son . I am a bit afraid of mess; but I use it as an opportunity to teach about cleaning up!

We talked about colours, shapes and textures . We tried sorting objects by  colour. We scooped out all the blue objects out of the bin!

When children are playing with sand, rice and so on they are learning to experiment. I use common household objects like spoon,forks,lids ....they are great learning tools.

Messy sensory play with sand ,water,fingerpaint or dirt gives your child the chance to play alone  observe,copy others,initiate new ideas and use words and gestures to express..

We tried playing a game: number of the day...

Add numbers in to your sensory bin (it can be foam numbers or plastic number magnets)

I love those little craft foam numbers!

Get your child pick/scoop or help him use a tong to pick all the "Number of the Day".., Why not, Letter of the day?, Shape of the day?

By getting to scoop out stuff  and use tongs to pick stuff help him develop his fine motor skills!

This is how we went about playing the" shape recognition game...

 That's it for now, thanks for stopping by..

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