Geolastic- Geoboard

Geo-Lastic Art

Hi everyone. I found this awesome manipulative toy, from my local toy library. The Geoboard . It is a great tool for exploring mathematical concepts.

I let my son (nearly 3) stretch bands around pegs to form line segments and create shapes, alphabet and numbers. My older kids(8,6) joined in the fun too.

The Geolastic Number Board comes  with alphabets and number visual cues, therefore children could copy them on the board.

I helped my son  copy the shape made by his his sister. He really liked it.

Making shapes on Geoboard, could  help improve his fine motor skills .

The virtual version  of Geoboards can be found below in the following links, where older kids/school aged kids could have ample fun:

Math Playground-
Geoboard,  by The Math Learning Center

 Have fun making shapes , alphabets, numbers and geometrical  shaped pictures too.

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