Matchbox Gifts

Little Matchbox  Gifts.

(Inspiration from Martha Stewart's Crafts For Kids
Thinking something to make with your kids this school holidays, here is a great holiday craft. CUTE MATCHBOX GIFTS.

 Kids love collecting tiny boxes. They love collecting  or hiding little surprises. This is an easy holiday craft you can make with your kids. Your child can include a tiny note in each box. These boxes can be a great way to send a thank you note.

Beautiful way to give little gifts.

How To 

1.Cut a band of colored paper or gift wrapping paper and glue around box ,

2.Paste  a strip of paper around inner box. 

3.Embellish with stickers, beads,buttons, or ribbons.

5.Fill the box with your little surprises!

Kids can wrap these lovely little boxes all by themselves, with almost no help from their grown-ups!

When my daughter's friend visited , together  we made little gift boxes.

Each made a little card to go inside, with a special message written. And they swapped each others gift boxes. They got to to open them only when they got home.

 Another way of having fun with MATCHBOXES

 Draw a  plant pot on the outer box ,and then draw the plant on the back of the inner box.

Watch your kids  having fun sliding the box and making the plant grow.

Delight friends ,teachers, grandparents with a thank you gift box.

Happy crafting!

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Peace Be Upon You!

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