Early Learning Part 6- Matching Game

Match the Objects With the outline

I love to watch how children learn with play ... Here is a simple activity you can set up for your toddler or preschooler. My son really enjoyed this activity!

Preschoolers can play with puzzles without even realizing how many skills they are developing.

This activity can  help your preschooler develop visual spatial awareness because of the many colors, shapes and themes.

This simple activity can also teach children to develop fine motor skills important to daily life. They learn to grasp large and small pieces, pick them up and to place them where they belong by manipulation. 

This activity is a great way to develop had /eye coordination

Playing with puzzles requires your preschooler to manipulate the pieces in order to place them in the correct  slot. He sees a piece, picks it up and attempts to make it fit. If it doesn't, he puts that piece aside and starts the process over again until he has chosen the correct one. He learns to use his eyes to see an object, and his hands and fingers to pick it up, coordinating the two skills together.

 Great opportunity to develop social skills!

Puzzles can be enjoyed as a solitary activity, but they also give a preschooler an opportunity to learn about cooperative play. Your child might share the puzzle with a partner, taking turns trying to solve it.



Just grab a  blank sheet. Trace your child's toys or interesting objects you can find around your home.
Draw the outline of the objects.
Play with your child matching the objects with the outlines!

Keep adding variety with interesting shapes.

Spoons,  baby bib,  pegs, CD, sea shells, leaves, cap , sun glasses, doll, envelope, magnifying glass, a long string

Or  you could cut out interesting shapes from magazines . 

Draw/print some pictures /shapes(circles,triangles...) and get them laminated !

 Have fun creating your own puzzle for your kid!

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