Handmade Baubles

Sequin Bauble

Here is a  craft activity you can get your kids to do..this bauble was decorated by my eight year old daughter as part of Eid decoration.  


Poly Ball 75mm
Sequins – Assorted
Pearl Headed Pins – Coloured or glue
Polystyrene Ornament Hanger
Ribbons Assorted

How to make a Sequin Bauble:


1. Choose a selection of diferent sequins from the assortment.
2. Cover a Poly Ball with the Sequins fastened to the ball with Pearl Pins or else glue them.
3. Push a Ornament Hanger into the top of the decorated ball and tie a length of Satin Ribbon to create a hanger.

We made these  brightly coloured textured bauble to hang as part of our Eid decorations..

 Happy Crafting!!

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